Fictional Memoirs: Compassion

I feel sick.

The pit of my stomach is bothered. It’s not the pills that anguish me. I think it’s the hills. The constant journey, up then down, makes my strength wane and brings me to the ground. For a moment I feel bold, but the next I’m frozen, not from fear, but from insensibility.

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Jackson and Annabel: A Conclusion

~!WAIT!~ Don't read this if you haven't read
 part 1, Jackson and Annabel: A Contrast and
 part 2, Jackson and Annabel: A Crash first.
This is the conclusion of the three part installment of the
hipster-romance between Jackson and Annabel. 


Since we last left Jackson, he was still a self-absorbed millennial sponging off of his family and random girls for meals and attention. His dream girl, Annabel, was last seen peddling away, as he sat on the side of the road, clothes drenched with water and stained with grass.

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