Dorito Bag’s Abyss

are things
I ought not do.
Things I allude to
dude. These things make

me stress. They lead me down
to a way  where I make a mess of
the genuinely good opportunities I’ve
been given. I seem to disregard them like
fresh greens. I want candy bars man,
I call them Whammy bars man.
Copious delights, I stuff my
face with food at night.
The effect feels that
of a fist fight; Only
my gut is not
iron and
the only things
broken are the chips
on my hands. Here in this
gluttonous state, here in the
Dorito bag’s abyss, is where I regret
the things I shouldn’t have done. Oh the
sweets oh the sorrows, I devour chocolate
like there’s no tomorrow. Food, oh
delectable food, you’ve foiled
my healthy plans and
presented me 
with the
blueprint for
a deadly stance. 
I have no chance 
against the cheesy and
oh so perfectly crunchy crisps. 
I am a victim to the Dorito bag’s abyss.

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