Of Love and Apathy

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I fear becoming apathetic and cold.
I feel I’ve found what I dread disguised as hate.
I’ve seen it ruin young and old,
And I hope I’ve not realized it too late.

 I answer, “Who are you to love?” correctly with a nod,
Yet I have no concern for my neighbor.
I find myself fearing man more than God
And trying to convince myself my hate isn’t murder.
When the idea settles it makes me sick.
The reality is too difficult to swallow.
I try to distract myself from the truth,
But the battery on these iPhones is awful
I fear becoming apathetic.
I know it would ruin my soul,
But it’s an annoyance to be sympathetic
When even those you stand up for treat you like Saul.
I pray I would love my neighbor.
I pray I would love like Jesus.
The opposite of love is not hate.
The opposite of love is apathy.

2 thoughts on “Of Love and Apathy

  1. My new favorite. Thanks Jake. So true. Hurts so good. His Spirit inside is love compassion. I must always choose to die to old me and yield to Him moment by communing moment only… Just choose. Just yield. Just pick up my cross. Just die to selfish me. There I find His reality life inside leaking out when I’m looking with His eyes towards Him and others. Not on me. I don’t have anything without Jesus inside.

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