Smoking Squares


She’s there

When I need her.

She takes my breath

When I need air.


I look cool

Like a movie star:

Paul Newman

Driving a car.


But she’s killing me.

I knew she would.

She brings me down:

Carrie Underwood.


I wish I could

Put her down.

I wish I understood

Her wicked gown.


She lies 

And strangles

And Ties

And Mangles


My life

Into unnecessary


She’s Dirty Harry;


Smoking pistol carrying Gorillaz,

Dancing on my chest,

increasing my illness,

Instead of delivering promised rest. 


And she’s always near

When I need her.

Taking my breath away,

Again and again.

I’m beginning to

Fear her.


Rest is what I wanted.

Cigarettes are what I choose. 

Death is what I’ve summoned.

Walking a mile in her shoes;

I feel the abuse. 


Now I hope you see

Just what sorta’ awful

Reward she brings.

A life with her is dying in misery.


Staying with her means you’ll never be full.

Kissing her lips

Will only stamp you a fool. 




4 thoughts on “Smoking Squares

  1. Just the title of this piece alone had me enticed. The movement of the words are everything. It turns into the reader thinking they know exactly who this “her” is while on the other end, it can be many options. Maybe this “her” can be your strongest addiction or the thing that constantly turns you way from Christ? The list goes on..

    • Yes yes yes. Any lover aside from true objective loving totality is a false addiction. Such addictions only leave us wanting more and more of the very thing that is killing us, thus it is with sin. So sweet to taste, but death to consume.

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