I have faith,

When the situation humbles me and makes me weep, I reset my thoughts to align with the best Beat because it is the jam of the Father that keeps me lit. Hand-over-hand, you reap what you heep.

Look, it is easy to have faith when the problem has no drastic consequence. In these times do not become lazy. The more you are, the more life becomes hazy. It will drive you crazy.

I do not think that those problems are the ones that make us understand God’s plan. I want to achieve the things I claim to believe. I want to step out and walk like Indy in the Last Crusade. I want people to think of me as brave.

The faith I have is not a cheap trick. The faith I have grows through trials and tribulations, making me strong. The faith I have enables me to be made right from wrong. Thinking of all the times I kept on, reflecting on the moments mirrored with situational song. It is set in stone although rejected like a bum on the corner, called the cornerstone.

I have faith.

Stepping down from the Cliff High, I recognize the pride formally flickering in my eye. My old self has left me and so I am free. I was faithless because my old way led me astray. Now and again there is doubt like weeds that sprout out. In my past there were clouds obnoxious like carnival crowds.

Many people hope upon Cliff High that they might not die. People sincerely warned to flee from the coming storm. Just because you feel warm does not mean you are safe from harm. The people are bound upon Cliff High and so the Father cries. The sirens sounded with frequency and urgency saying, “If you stay you are sure to continue past decay.”

I look around, and finding much nothing, am reminded of my faith in contrast to what remains. The sight is crushing. We need faith to keep pace in this race.



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