Heavy Truth

Everything that is accomplished is done by the sovereign hand of God. I am just a player living in God’s favor. It is not my will that brought the Savior, but God the Father’s namesake, loving behavior. 

No man can control God through demands or anything else. God does whatever he pleases. My God is in the heavens being praised by angels. “Boom” go the angelic speakers. My God is not controlled, much less tricked, by man’s attempts to pray “in faith” for a Buick. 

Get that right: What is crooked, no man can make straight. 

Get this truth: What is heavy, does not always sink. 

Heaviness weighs on the heart and does not stop till it reaches all of the heart’s parts.

Heaviness is only relative to finite creatures and creations. To God, his heaviness has been truth before heaven’s foundations. Beyond time, matter, and space, God’s heavy truth invades and persuades participants in life’s race.

Yet, his heavy truth does not always sink. It does not always sink into the hearts of those who are sustained by his common grace.  Those who suppress the truth are pushing against the ultimate weight. God alone is worthy of all praise. Not every worker will receive a raise.

How foolish then is the one who continues to use blasphemous “kingdom keys” as a way to unlock the King of kings? 

How foolish then is the one who continues to use blasphemous “kingdom keys” as a way to unlock the King of kings? How sickening is it that God’s namesake is trampled upon by those who claim to be aligned with his Son?

Let it never be. God’s kingdom is greater than thee. God’s kingdom is unfathomable and independent of your “positive confession” agenda. 

I am sitting in the third row watching the theatrical show.

They are a people so desperate for the touch of healing that they will “sow a seed” to anyHeavy Truth Evlevator in Indo.jpgJesus-name-abusing dealings. They seek to encounter more than a feeling, but are left alone in their bleeding. Reaching for Jesus’ garment hem, they are stopped by “the lord’s anointed” singing a Good-Ol’-Boys hymn. Then the overhead lights up and says, “You gotta pay the piper here to get to him.” An “apostle” asks, “What did you think this was, open gym?”

So a call is made to approach the altar to alter their needs. Singers lead the plea, “Dear Jesus, please. In your name, I have won. Now give me a sign of what you’ve done.” They come with an expectation of miraculous change. Down the velvet aisle into the “glory cloud” they lose control and cave. One-by-one, they pile through while, “In the name of Jesus,” was repeated with hypnotic, strobe light craze. Hands raised, eyes closed, heads bowed; this group is more trusting than Subway was to Jared. 

Down the velvet aisle into the “glory cloud” they lose control and cave.

What’s this now?

I see a familiar face. A face of my race: Another person created in grace. Was this a last reach for hope? Was this a misunderstanding of struggle and pain? Should I be hopeful or concerned? Is this heard mentality or are the strife stricken hearts coming forward with individual certainty? Alas, I am not certain. Most of what I observe are loose ends. 

To what end do we receive God’s heavy truth? Do we let it touch us and tell us how to live or do we keep the theocentric parts of text under a lid?

Oh Christians . . .dear  Christians,

Turn away from man serving services. Return to God and be a servant of his. Let the heaviness of God’s truth sink into your hearts and please, please, please never depart. 



4 thoughts on “Heavy Truth

  1. Comeeeee on Jacob. So brilliant! First off, Happy Birthday!!! Secondly, that was heavy.. ironically enough.I love the use of quotes. It is like the the two of you teamed up and divided and conquered this piece. You didn’t take away from them, you added to them with insight that applied to the here and now. Favorite part: what is heavy, does not always sink. Yes! I needed to read this being at a new school, surrounded by soo many believers. Thanks for pointing me to Jesus, Jacob! I can speak for everyone when I say yours words always bring His ultimate truth.

  2. In an age when most Christians are concerned with their own emotionalism and autonomy more than the glory of God this is a refreshing piece. Thank you for pointing us all toward God’s sovereignty. Soli Deo Gloria!

    • Thanks for reading Brandon. It is scary to see the extremes of word of faith theology. It is saddening to talk to, hear of, and know people who have had their life forever changed in a negative sense because of word of faith theology. I’m glad you found it refreshing! Vaya Con Dios!

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