Fictional Memoirs: Stone them


And you who judge – casting the blame, the indictment of shame – you have no excuse. You who caste indictment upon others in the name of being a good judge of character, you have no excuse. Justifying grounds for you are looser than an untied shoe. Alas, justice and fairness must be dealt. “Thank God I am not a woman,” you pray.

It is this self-righteous attitude that makes you high. And when you’re high everyone calls you Sir. Everyone gets that to do otherwise is absurd. Who would, no, who could disagree with your judgment?

“Stone them,” you say.

And you know just what others deserve. You always have. Things are so black and white for you. You’re a real straight-shooter, blunt, to the point, and highly efficient. You judge oh so well. Your practice of judgment makes your self righteousness swell.

You point at the guilty from atop of your mountain; your hill of arrogance. You stretch out your finger and lift up your nose addressing the guilty to everyone. The courtroom sings your praises like a well orchestrated howl.

“Stone them,” you all say.

On what ground do you stand? On what truth do you stoop? In whose  grace do you depend? In what hope do you cope?

Tell me, is it the Lord’s?

Is it in the name of progress, or maybe tolerance and fairness?

Who judges who? Whose rule do you have in view?

Stone them?

And you who judge, you will not escape God’s judgment. You are a mere man who erroneously always thinks to himself, “I can.”

When the Lord gives you kindness, patient care, and second chances how does your judging of others fair? You are not as transparent as you claim to be. You are beaming of hypocrisy.

Stone them?

Come and see a man from Galilee who imputes his righteousness into thee. Through works you are judged, yet from the heart do your actions budge. Heart of stone, cold, and damaging. From this heart stems your self righteous fruit. “Stone them.”

You are efficient in judging. You have been a good steward of stubbornness. Your portfolio is diverse in wrath and the dividends are paid out according to what is due. God’s righteous judgment will be revealed to oh so special you.

Leave the grand narratives of progress, tolerance, and fairness before the day of the Lord. On that day, take refuge in the righteousness of Christ. Leave your hypocritical worldly wisdom prison. As it is written,

“God shows no favoritism.”

Inspired by Romans 2:1-16, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Luke 12:2-3, 1 John 5:12, and John 3:17-18


2 thoughts on “Fictional Memoirs: Stone them

  1. Wow…I’m cut to the quick, so quickly! Keep us low Lord of mercy, Abba of heaven You’re the only righteous Judge! You went lower still, than all to lift us out of self righteous crock to set us on You – the only stable Rock.
    Thank, Jake.

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