Your most valuable possession

Options options options

Apple or Microsoft?

Private or public school?

Democrat or Republican?

The red pill or the blue pill?

Options options options.

Yesterday I had one. Today I have two. Tomorrow I’ll have too many and I’ll wish I had a clue. I’ll wish things were simpler. Remember Blue‘s Clues? When I was younger options seemed simpler. Like everything was almost color coordinated up to the final curtain call as night would fall;

“Time for supper!”

That was the childhood curtain call. That was simple. Play outside, don’t break anything (bones or otherwise), and be home for supper.

You know that friend that can never make their mind up? You pull up to the drive through and start giving your order only to wait for your friend to figure out that they want. Sometimes I am that person.

But I don’t mean that I can’t decide what I want for lunch. What I mean is that I can’t decide who to give my most valuable possession to. Given the weight of the thing, it seems only right that I take everything into consideration before making a decision. I’m afraid this isn’t as simple as the red pill or the blue pill.

Now, please don’t impose yourself here to know what I mean. For the moment I want you to ask yourself, “Who should I give my time to?” not “Who do I give my time to?”

There’s no rush.

Think about it. When you’ve got an answer start reading again.

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