Jackson And Annabel: A Crash

This is a continuation of the fable Jackson and Annabel: A Contrast


Since we last heard of Jackson, the pretentious self-actualized hipster, he had just left the sort of hipster girl Annabel and was departing from his favorite shoebox rooftop building with the intent to return at a later date in hope of confronting new contrasting edges to provoke his unique personality to action. One can only imagine the

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Jackson and Annabel: A Contrast

What’s New?

Jackson was looking over the edge of the building to his right in the campus courtyard. His hazel eyes, fascinated with the contrast in the sharp angles of the building and the clear blue sky behind it. His half shaved blond hair rustled in the wind but not excessively because of the heaviness of not showering since the morning prior to this morning.

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