Jackson and Annabel: A Contrast

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Jackson was looking over the edge of the building to his right in the campus courtyard. His hazel eyes, fascinated with the contrast in the sharp angles of the building and the clear blue sky behind it. His half shaved blond hair rustled in the wind but not excessively because of the heaviness of not showering since the morning prior to this morning.

There was a long section of the roof that looked like a giant shoebox had been placed on top of it. The bench he hunched on was cool from sitting in the shade. The spaces between the boards in the bench were odd to him so he sat with his back hunched and his pants poised on the edge of the frontal board. His fingers loosely grasped his homemade pencil and swooped lines to depict the shoebox rooftop and its contrast to the sky in his black bound journal.

He wanted to look higher into the sky but did not want to leave the sight of the shoebox rooftop. As his eyes followed his head turning away from the shoebox rooftop, he noticed a sort of hipster girl; Annabel.They exchanged land coordinates and met up later at the local coffee shop.

Annabel and Jackson began their time together by complementing each others non-mainstream clothing. Jackson started by telling Annabel how much he appreciated her hemp scarf.

“I really appreciate your scarf,” said Jackson. She replied with a inward shoulder shrug and explained that it was fair trade.

“I respect people,” said Annabel.

“That’s so hip,” replied Jackson.

Jackson asked if he could take an Instagram of her wearing it. Annabel said she didn’t mind. She posed for Jackson in the booth. Her head turned to the right, away from the wall in the booth and towards the over head light. She tilted her head down at a 17 degree angle. Her lips slightly opened hinting at her dimples. Snap. Jackson took the picture.

“Do you mind if I use this for my blog?” asked Jackson. Annabel put her elbows on the table and leaned in.

“You blog?” she responded, trying to control her excitement. Jackson knew things could only get better from this point on so he didn’t even bother responding, he really just didn’t want to spoil the moment. Together they sipped their lattes and wrote their blogs.

Jackson wrote about how all buildings should have shoebox roof tops. Annabel expressed her concern for the “Plant that is grass.” This blog had nothing to do with weed. She literally was concerned about grass. She didn’t like how everyone walked on grass and thought that the feelings of grass were being hurt. She equalized this abuse to animal abuse. She also quoted a lot of Confucius, often out of context.

You don’t know Jack

Jackson leaves Annabel. He had grown tired of her grass saving antics and out of context Confucius quoting. He felt that Annabel had no understanding of important things in life. Things like shoebox roof tops. She was a snob anyways.

Annabel would have reacted to Jackson leaving abruptly but Mumford and Sons was blasting through her in-ears so she really couldn’t hear anything anyway. It actually took Jackson a moment to notice this. When he did notice, he felt more confident in his leaving.

 Jackson returned to the campus courtyard to finish his drawing of the shoebox roof building. But when he returned the clear blue sky was not there. It was dark and Jackson decided to return at another time in hopes of confronting some new contrasting edges which would hopefully provoke his unique personality to action.


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