Decide Now

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Decide now.

You will never have all the answers. There will always be uncompensated for variables. Even the constants are changing.  What will you gain by driving and straining to only make a decision after everything has settled and the opportunity has died before you even tried? Continue reading

Waiting, wishing, and wanting.

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Do not compromise.

Do not give way to debauchery. Do you think you are the first to discover what you think is enlightenment? All you’ve done is accepted moral loopholes like others before you. Can you not see that it only leads to more emptiness? This is not the way to feel whole. There is an Absolute in which you can build, breath, and believe.

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Jackson And Annabel: A Crash

This is a continuation of the fable Jackson and Annabel: A Contrast


Since we last heard of Jackson, the pretentious self-actualized hipster, he had just left the sort of hipster girl Annabel and was departing from his favorite shoebox rooftop building with the intent to return at a later date in hope of confronting new contrasting edges to provoke his unique personality to action. One can only imagine the

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