Decide Now

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Decide now.

You will never have all the answers. There will always be uncompensated for variables. Even the constants are changing.  What will you gain by driving and straining to only make a decision after everything has settled and the opportunity has died before you even tried?

You will never have all the answers.

Decide now who you will be.

Will you live in freedom or constant misery? When will you cease to be dependent upon another’s wondering worldly whim? Live boldly and sure from beginning to end. Never grow weary of getting back up when you fail. The worst decision you can make is the one that leaves you forever still. 

The worst decision you can make is the one that leaves you forever still. 

Decide now to let go of the perfection misconception. 

TProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 presethings only get more difficult with time. Unresolved conflict is the predecessor of the “wasted time” crime. It is O.K. to be wrong. If we were clearly aware of our blind spots and fears, then being wrong would be a heinous error. However, we are not aware and so the spots continue to blind our mind. It is an unavoidable condition of depravity joined with humanity by the fall. You may wish to be better, but you cannot change your innate state of dependence so much as you can make yourself tall.

Do not be a fool. Inaction is a crushing tool. 

Decide now not to do too much.

Do not be concerned with getting out of touch. For the cultural currents run fast and hard independent of which direction leads to land and which leads to a vast nothingness. You can be dry and not be on land. Land is a destination while becoming dry is possible even while surrounded by the waters that keep you intellectually high. Do not be a fool. Inaction is a crushing tool. 

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetDecide now to give up your veiled conception of control.

Life may seem to not be worth much if it is not blessed with an autonomous touch, but do you really believe that you cause your every destiny? That each thing that happens toward you and to you and against you is by and because of you? Give up the misconception of control. It is like thinking up is down and down is up, which I guess should not bother you, except for when you are in a hole. Are you finding air and with it light? Or are you digging further down toward destruction with all your might? Decide now to climb out of the shadow riddled hole you call lifes show.

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Decide now to live.

What if the J-man had decided to hide instead of laying down his life for the church, his bride? I have a friend who is only comfortable in bars. I often think it funny, no tragic, that the place he feels free is like a mocking bird in a tree. You think it is beautify until you go past hearing and you begin to listen. And when you listen you find that the place of comfort has always been a spiritual prison. Make a decision and expect that it will cause a division. But this division is a good one. It is separation from death to life. It is freedom given for free from the Lord of lords who paid for your life because it is precious in his sight. 

Decide now to give.

Hand over your quarrels and all the things that make you feel big. You are broken, but not alone. You know there is more to life than using times token in the world’s game room. Every day is the same in a life built upon deceptions broadway play. You are worth so much more than what the world has to say. Give away what you think makes you “you.” You have an identity set in becoming forever new.

Life abundantly, decided upon a bended knee. 



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