Fictional Memoirs: Not A Game

Not a Game.jpg

This is not a game. 

This is serious business. This interaction is the realist. This run enables us to differentiate the legalist from the hedonist from the nihilist from the theorist. Each person is in part a trialist.   

No sit-ins or kick-outs, in this arena there are no doubts; there are no fouls and there are no time-outs. This event goes the distance independent upon whether or not you think it is a gimmick. 

The score table remains strange, but it is consistent and always keeps track of the names. Names well known and names left alone; to the Head Official these names are the backbone of the serious business for which he makes a lasting home. 

Some believe themselves to be correct like the legalist who goes through his right-and-wrong list on the run gunned by a spirit of “perfectionist.” They will not be found blameless. 

Or the hedonist who has indulged in every possible licentiousness, they too will not escape their rightful plight of the “feel-good” inheritance. The nihilist has no points to bestow, as for them the idea of points is already a dead man’s ploy.

And while the theorist continues to care about existence, asking questions about the possibilities concerned with concepts like saying, “what is this?” they too will not have anything concrete to present at the end of the test. Sadly, they will not find rest. 

They will run out of ticks on the clock. Just like the rest, their life too will stop. 

And so will you. You are they and they are you. There is no distinction between the two. Just because a name is different does not necessitate the “ist” isn’t. We are all benchwarmers, wanna be Golden State Warriors — how notorious. 

This is not a game. 

This is real life and if you remain stubborn you will be washed away in the rain. Seek the highest ground and become elevated; made straightened, equipped for glory starting today. 

Here is the goal: God magnified. 

Here is the way: Jesus crucified

and resurrected so that you would not die. 

He was the propitiation to see a clear sky; filled with the glory of Christ coming back through the clouds. Cheered on by the crowd of witnesses cheering “Praise the King of kings.”

The shot-clock is winding down, leaving town is not an option. Everyone takes a shot.

Do not miss it.


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