There Is No Choir

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To assume that the choir has been reached or to assume that the choir is not to be preached, is to assume that the choir is in correct and unified understanding with you. This simply is not true. As the idiom goes, “preaching to the choir,” I believe we should understand something: there is no choir. (Not in the sense of the phrase at least).

Similar social societal constructs like driving mini-vans or pick-up trucks, these things do not determine understanding nor do they provide information better than a substitute teacher stand-in. Using a broad-brush is nice when you are in a rush. Taking time to be mindful of the differences is what makes the choir dissipate. Life is so simple and yet so complex. Realizing that concept puts the choir to rest. 

Just because it is good, does not mean you should not repeat it. Do you realize how odd it is that whenever something good happens it is quickly forgotten? Do you see the hypocrisy in claiming to want what is good while only propagating what is from the stereotypical hood? Stereotypes ignite disastrous petty fights. Like when we consider who is from what part of town and then continue to label them as wearing a crown or being a clown.

Even those who agree with you may not understand where you come from and where you are headed.

We assume too much; embedded poor health.

Shredded by the façade of wealth. 

Growing up rich or growing up poor; there is more to understanding than what you can buy in a store. 

Now there is something of similarities to be said like a specified time for toddlers to go to bed. Guidelines and proverbial wisdom ought to be sought after like gold and fine silver, but we miss the point when the prize has become our savior. We miss the point when we are satisfied at the concept of wisdom rather than the spirit of the ability to make godly choices. Listen . . . the voices . . . 

Do you hear that?

The choir’s plethora of voices. 

They are swinging and singing in beautiful choreography like the Arctic Tern migrating south for the sake of their young to be born. They are black and white yes, but you and I know that life is not so simple to our naked eye. There is much that we will never know and yet, what of this compassion which we are to show?

What of this consideration that helps us see the underside of the Alps? 

Do you hear that?

It is the people of the choir under their robes; each person different than the next. 

They are wearing the same purple robe, yes. They are singing the same choir stricken praise, but they do not know what each person next to them keeps hid. We do not know what the person next to us has hid for fear of others seeing the unsure and troubled adolescent within: The kid. 

So different. The choir is specified for goodness and not some imagined utopia lacking the credentials to be taken seriously. Think of the people you know. Think of your neighbor down the street, yes, the neighbor you have not had time to meet. Are they like you? Are they cool? Are they active in school? Are they parentless? Are they looking for something to do? Do they have children? Do they have food? Are they hurting?

These questions are not excuses in the unjustified sense. I hope you begin to notice the importance of reference. Just a few thoughts that place you in their shoes. Just a few motives to consider when they act differently than you.

There is no choir. 

2 thoughts on “There Is No Choir

  1. Read this one.  My take away — We assume too much.

    Will continue to say “You are preaching to the choir.”. Went to practice for Jacob Graham’s Eagle.  Ceremony is next week.   They expect you to be there.  Suggest you send one of your classic email notes. Don’t have an email address right now.  Forward to me and I will handle.  Only you would find skate boarders in Jakarta. Love Dad

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