Fictional Memoirs: You

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

When you fail, that is not the end. When you lose, that is not the end. When You pass away, that is not the end . . .

Presumptuous accusations towards fallen peers creating barriers out of fallacious fears. You are as good as one gets though. Perfection was not Your final test. Happiness lies in the eyes of the beautiful and You are beautiful although not always seen. Freedom comes in a package and the return address is spelled on spheres of a broken prism. The spearhead of distorted shadows begins to loose footing as they shift to the background. Piercing rays lift up a shout of praise “You’re closer now, look past the haze”. Keeping what You have may mean running wildly through vivid dreams. Brightness is in the eyes of the beauty seen and perfect joy sets free what was once the oracle of themes. For years You’ve walked hidden behind a grin, but now can smile rejoicing truly from within.


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