Fictional Memoirs: The God of a Moralist


I unite generations and disappear when the consequences become clear. I promote peace and love justified through forced moments of upset tears. I prey on the fundamentals and open lives to ideas of service. Through me kings have

made their throne. Through me leaders have condoned the humble to ashes and inspired the youth to make a name for themselves. The youth holds that I am good. Apart from me goodness is circumstantial. Through me nations fall. I crush integrity and lift up the lofty talkers. Those creating names for themselves use me to validate the evil they do. I am referred to in order to impress the cracking fire that is the laughter and praise of foolish peers. Little people use my shadow to become great. I distinguish fear of the unknown. The other side of life seems better if I make the rules. Input me and what you think you get helps you sleep.

Do you recognize me?

I am the new thinker stopping oppression of women while verbally abusing my wife. Sequentially I treat my girlfriend with equality and love. I am the college activist inconsistently pursuing my vendetta against bullies. I support the feeding of the poor and helping the needy yet with all my contributions have never faced hunger and poverty in the face. I’ve never sought out the fellowship of those dying from loneliness. There are foundations which help those needy people. I support them. I support peace of mind. I’m saving lives. I’ve saved you haven’t I?

I am your god.

I am Moralism.


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