Yes and Amen

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Yes and amen,

The Congregation began.

They sat in unison.

Resting comfortably like new born hens.

Everything we need resonates within.

We’ll stay with you till the end.

Preach the Truth,

For all we need comes from the Word.

Family is our confession booth,

And the Father of Lights ensures we are heard.

But the Congregation is not without fault.

She is scared and falls short of the mark.

Yet her marriage is not one of blame,

Because her lover did not turn and run at the first sign of pain.

“He does not throw the baby out with the bath water,”

The preacher said.

We stay because he took the blame.

Rescuing us from guilt and shame.

Yes and amen,

The Congregation sprang.

Yes and amen,

The Congregation sang.


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