A Burden Lifted

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

A sudden burst of anxiety.

A whirling nudge of curses.

My mind knows the reality,

While my heart quotes verses.

It’s sunny outside,

The air is warm.

My faith becomes my guide,

 Helping me run away the storm.

Small talk and hand shakes,

The day wears me down.

Reaching for the E-brake,

Ducking for the ground.

It physically weighs nothing,

But its possibilities cement me to the floor.

It stirs in me a fussing;

Prompting me to cry out “Restore.”

God, my God, this burden is too much;

Prohibiting me from joy in your will.

Would you come and lift it with your redeeming-touch?

Would you still be proud of me if I took the route of another hill?

You saw me struggle and I was never over looked,

Letting my faith and endurance grow.

I see now, my reservations booked.

My God does not quid pro quo, but He does let it go.

Rest assured you are acquitted.

Go on my son, knowing the burden is lifted.


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