we are all of us in the midwestern suburb: greetings from Naperville

Alan Joseph Smith

             Naperville, Illinois, is in my mind the honest definition of “suburb” in much the same way that New York City might be what is thought of when it’s respective third word is in play. To me, it is the Platonic archetype of the American non-city. I’m here on the 4th of July, which I think does Naperville a favor in flexing its suburban muscles and thereby in extending its incumbency as Suburban Representative for yet another year (the elections are annual, I guess).

            From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Rep. Naperville is probably in close competition with many suburban areas, even some of which I have passed through or stayed in during my few years. The suburban home is nationally ubiquitous, and myself having spent the better part of my life in a very good example of such a home certainly does not help…

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