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Patience is the name of the game.

Tried and tried is the one who waits,

That often over compensates.

Like taking one last breath before lifting a great weight.

Well, when you’re unsure of the goal,

tangible joy happens ostensibly.

You might feel fear for lack of control.

As the day tarries on constantly.

Yet, the Lord’s timing is perfect.

Waiting on the Lord brings peace of mind.

Never has He committed willful neglect.

He’s really one of a kind.

Waiting on the Lord lifts the blinds.

He knows the forecast,

To Him it all rhymes.

But for us who are oblivious to time’s design:

Open the window early ā€“ you get drenched from a storm.

Open it too late ā€“ you miss the cool breeze,

And all it’s glorious steeze.

It’s the walk on the tight rope of time.

Never looking back,

Nor rushing ahead,

Just balancing there in the middle,

Keeping your feet on the tread.

Reaching the goal in mind does not require you to skip the line.

Ann Kiemel knows that ordinary days,

Are truly what makes those special sunlit rays sing praise.

Have patience in the trials.

Time seems to be ever looming,

But for the Ancient of Days,

Time might as well be a picture of Haitian haze.

* special thanks to Katie Chapell for creative editing


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