Consider this: Your physical presence is more meaningful than all the technological resources of the world.

Consider this: For just as distance strains a relationship so your potential impact on others weakens when your primary channel to connect is technology.

Love is not real when perceived through a screen; when it orders you to kneel, beg, and plea.

Real must be grounded in an incarnated presence. The more buffering matter that is between us, the more we are disconnected from what we actually want and who we actually are.

You are most alive when you are present.

The heavens and all their glory, the earth and all its beauty, do not compare to you engaging with another human.

Love is knitted together in a mother’s womb. Skin-to-skin and flesh-to-flesh, we come to know loves true tune.

So be honest in your affections and longings. Be pure in your efforts for another’s gaze. Never stoop to short cuts.

In easy and hard times be present.


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