Fictional Memoirs: Life Abundantly

The day came as it did the year before.

Music lifted throughout the air as friends and family gathered near. Laughter and smiles followed by big welcoming bear hugs. Comments rang and conversations flowed from the eyes in attendance. Oh how I wish there was more time with these beings. The longing for acceptance now satisfied by the people God created. Reading a heart felt letter from a sister; expressing how well she knew me. Joy so believed; now experienced. And whom does this credit so belong than to that of my Lord? For He is truly good. I am either near-sighted or far-sighted. I am impatient and selfish. Yet my Lord has blessed me abundantly with relationship in people called to His name. My life is short and my efforts fleeting. Therefore, I will take abundant pleasure in this life through the One who made it.

The day came as it did the year before.


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