Trying Thomas


Trying Thomas tried to make it or break it. He did not try for a tie. He walked at his own stride with confidence at his side and knew that others would soon fall behind. He had his own poise and his own style. Nothing was intimidating to him. Trying Thomas sang to a different kind of hymn. When presented with a problem, he approached it head on. Because of this many labeled him head strong. Because  of this, many considered him to be wrong. But still, Trying Thomas tried. 

He tried to become a teacher, a boyfriend, and then a Mr. 

He tried to inspire others or crush them: This was his picture.  

As the years went by he tried and tried. Trying Thomas was older now and Trying Thomas was tired. Trying Thomas thought that trying all his life had been quite a tongue twister. He thought back on how he missed his sister. He thought back and tried to remember how he made it and broke it, but never tied. He looked around him for some companions, but then remembered how all the others fell behind. He tried to sing his hymn, but hearing his timid voice made him cringe. He decided that this problem was no different than all the others. So Trying Thomas approached this problem head on determined to remain strong. For Trying Thomas it was never about how he was perceived. He did not care what others thought. He did not care for their beliefs.  

One day Trying Thomas laid down to sleep. He never got up, never mentioned a peep. As he looked back on his accomplishments, he viewed them quite differently than when he was alive. He was tried for the life he lived. He was tried, found guilty, and cried. 

“I’ve been good all my life and ought not be contested.”

“How could this happen to me?” He protested. 

“I don’t deserve these cuffs,” he said while being arrested. 

The Judge stepped forward, looking him over. He looked across the courtroom and  there was Jesus and in his right hand a new order.

“This man has been freed. By my blood I paid his penalty and he is therefore no longer an enemy.”

He was carrying clothes of righteousness specifically tailored to fit the person being declared good. 

“There’s just one more thing. These clothes you see, won’t fit the old you.”

Trying Thomas was puzzled. He didn’t understand how Jesus–fully God, fully man–could bring these clothes of righteousness yet not get the proper measurements. 

“I must make you new. You cannot earn these clothes. They are a gift that the old you could never fit.” 

With that Jesus took off Trying Thomas’ chains, gave him a new name, and declared him righteous: No longer under shame.  

He woke up startled and then at ease. 

For the first time in Thomas’ life he didn’t try. 

He got up and beheld, Jesus: Prince of Peace. 

For first time Thomas was a different guy. 








2 thoughts on “Trying Thomas

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading people’s comments on your posts so much. I was like “YES” to each one. You bring relatability, vulnerability and depth through your words. I know Trying Thomas too well. So stoked to be following your blog!

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