My Ideal Church


My ideal church

A gathering ground

Where people can come around

And worship in freedom

Our Lord Jesus,

Because he freed us,

While knowing he doesn’t need us.


A time in space

Where we don’t waste

The track we have left in this race.

We rest in the Joy of the Lord

Setting aside this time

Preferably in whatever place

He takes us.

In order: He makes us.


It is not made from money

But instead from milk and honey. 


This church is built on the Rock.

It is growing and does not stop. 


God glorified and shared

By people who cared.

A people called by God.

Who are concerned

About what’s on the inside,

While serving those outside.


A time in space

Where a people are understanding

That the place they stand in

Is only temporary.

While their resting place is in eternity

Because they fear the only Holy Entity. 


A gathering ground:

Born and raised.

Where disciples are made

And give God praise.


In my ideal church

The people will listen.

“Go and make”

As Jesus commissioned.


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