My place in the digital sphere:

I think I see myself locked in time.

All this technology makes me mesmerized.

I live in a spot on the proverbial clock,

Where I can easily look up anything

And theoretically never stop.

I have a laptop in my backpack,

Which I only take off at bag checks.

I have a phone for when I’m not at home,

But even then the reception is 10/10.

In ten years I’m not sure

Where I’ll be

With technology.

I could be close to where I am


Or I could be far away.

It’s just too far off to say

Just what the world of technology

Will have for me on that day.

I think there will be a new way to commute.

Perhaps long distance

“roller coasters” are closer than they seem,

But from this distance

It feels like a dream.

Perhaps we will simply transport from one place to another;

Making it much simpler to visit our mothers.

I think that education will be much better.

Through the use of technology,

We will be able to learn more freely.

As we progress on this aspect

We become more accurate.

Using the internet

Will make our schooling a larger benefit.

Like in China and Iran,

I hope they remove the internet ban.

Communication will become more accessible.

Newer tech will make this more addressable.

My place in the digital sphere is not quite there,

But sooner or later I know technology will be everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Technology

  1. Ok, I’m liking everything about this. Technology is always seemed as the enemy, the end of the beginning if you will. I walked away hopeful and more aware of the blessings of technology and the possibility of continual growth. KILLIN’ it like usual.

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