Becoming A Loving Person

Taken by Debbie Virtue

Just like anything else we do, being a loving person requires work. This work is not something we may ever perfect in this life. Becoming a person who loves means becoming a person who takes risks. Love is more than giving a hug, and it is more than acts of service like cleaning a tub. Continue reading

Fictional Memoirs: The Infamous Me

If we do not strive to have God’s name glorified in all things, then we are pushing another agenda: The infamous Me.


I do not think I am OCD, but there is just a certain way things have to be. A certain way to talk, walk, and sleep. I think I am purely doing things according to my needs. I think I am being genuine in my complexity.  Continue reading

It Mattered To That One


It mattered to that one.

Although we cannot put a number on salvations, we can count to one. One person coming to repent, believe, and follow Christ is what matters. When one person comes from death to life, from darkness to light, from old to new, then all of heaven rejoices. The Angels sing with spender, “It mattered to that one.” Continue reading

Trying Thomas


Trying Thomas tried to make it or break it. He did not try for a tie. He walked at his own stride with confidence at his side and knew that others would soon fall behind. He had his own poise and his own style. Nothing was intimidating to him. Trying Thomas sang to a different kind of hymn. When presented with a problem, he approached it head on. Because of this many labeled him head strong. Because  of this, many considered him to be wrong. But still, Trying Thomas tried.  Continue reading

Fictional Memoirs: Suburbia Of Comfortability


Love your enemy.

As your life has gone, you’ve never been much of a winner. Albeit you reached the rank of Runner-up, thinking of how close you were makes you bitter. Encountering people with differing ideologies and preferences makes you frustrated and annoyed as if those other human beings are attached to you like glue. You curse them militantly, strategically reinforcing the perception of their stupidity. Continue reading

A humble Ambition 

Biff: a man who wanted nothing more than to travel the world. He would plot his adventures in his humble home and gaze out the window in wonder. He thought that it was not just experiences that would shape him into a better man, but new experiences. He believed that the grass was most deffently greener on the other side.